Best Wedding Bands to Choose This Wedding Season

As the wedding season approaches, couples will flock to jewelry stores to buy their dream engagement rings. While numerous options are available in the market, it becomes challenging to choose the right one. In that case, researching your types and styles ahead of reaching out to the stores helps you to avoid confusion and dilemma. 

Here, we have listed some of the most popular types for you to pick for your special day. Continue your research and explore these options to find the wedding band of your dream. 

The options mentioned in this article are timeless and classic pieces that would always be trendy and never run out of style. 

Eternity bands

Eternity bands are usually set with diamonds on a platinum or gold band. The number of diamonds on this ring are numerous, almost making the ring invisible. As the name suggests, the shine and gloss of this ring last for an eternity, symbolizing the strength and bond of a relationship. 

The baguette-cut diamonds sparkle under every light source, making it one of the most popular options recently. 

Single bands with big diamond

On the contrary to eternity bands that have numerous baguette-cut diamonds settled all over the band, single bands have one big piece of baguette-cut diamond. This option typically looks good on thin fingers. Moreover, the single big piece of diamond reflects light elegantly, making the overall piece look even more gorgeous.

Petite diamond bands

The petite diamond band is a similar option to an eternity ring. The only difference is the number of diamonds is less. The petite diamond pieces are scalloped throughout the band and add extra height to the ring. The raised piece looks elegant and subtle while shining bright under the light. 

Gemstone bands

Couples have now started skipping the traditional option of having a diamond on the ring these days. Instead, they opt for other gemstones like baguette-cut rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even amethyst. These are cut into small, numerous pieces and are settled all over the band, giving an elegant and colorful look. 

Standard gold bands

Gold is a great alternate to platinum bands. Since platinum wedding bands are expensive, many people turn to gold for a relatively cheaper option. Gold bands also come in different styles, including standard gold, rose gold and white gold. 

In this regard, Faith wedding bands are pioneers in delivering the best quality wedding pieces that offer ultimate satisfaction. 

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